Basics of Telling Stories

Seminar on Demand


Everything you do on the air revolves around a central, fundamental skill: storytelling. It’s the single most important thing for air personalities to master. In this seminar, you'll learn the basic steps of telling stories and principles of how to tell stories that keep listeners glued to the radio.


  • The Structure of Telling Stories

    • The four things that make good stories great.
    • The 5 parts of every story: Hook - Set Up - Dress Up - Pay Off - Black Out
    • Each element of telling stories is explained in detail and demonstrated with examples.
  • Essential Elements Every Story Needs

    • Aaron Sorkin's formula for building drama and suspense into every story.
    • A simple technique that will make your stories more colorful.
    • The #1 reason most storytellers fail. Hint: Giving away the ending!
  • Storytelling Workshop

    • The seminar includes storytelling examples and an interactive workshop.
    • Identify what personalities are doing right - and wrong!
    • And, a video demonstration of storytelling from Modern Family you'll never forget.

I hate when webinars are a waste of time. This was anything but. This was a great layout for even experienced storytellers. 
What I appreciate about your webinars is that you have something for every level. 

Tim Murphy



I loved this webinar and appreciate the time you invest in the seminars. I'm hoping to put a few things into practice immediately. Hopefully my co-host will be open minded and grow as well.

Nikki Drake


WOW! Thanks Tracy! I Just finished watching Storytelling Basics.  Another helpful presentation with tools we can actually use and employ on our show!

John Young


Thanks for providing the seminar on Storytelling. It's made me think a different way about performing on the air.  You had some great information- and I can apply the ideas whether I have 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

Melissa Jordan


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