How To Use Twitter Like a Boss

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To love Twitter is to understand Twitter. That can be said for all social platforms because each is unique. But Twitter is one of the most confounding of them all. And it’s one of the most mis-used. That’s why we call it radio’s red-headed stepchild. Find out how radio's best use Twitter...and how you can grow your reach and increase your fan base.


  • Managing Twitter and Communicating With Fans

    • Should each personality have an account or tweet on the station's? The surprising answer.
    • Using #Hashtags and @Mentions properly to reach beyond your current audience.
    • How often you should tweet. And how much is too much.
  • Twitter Content That Draws Followers

    • Best practices to reach new audiences by joining conversations that lead to your feed.
    • How to reply to tweets and accomplish specific goals for growth.
    • The two things that are a must for every tweet. Every message has to do at least one.
  • How To Get Thousands of Followers

    • Attract influencers and difference makers using these tactics that will build your audience.
    • How to respond to negative comments and complaints-and build more fans in the process.
    • How to set up automated tweets with fresh content to keep your feed active.