Meet Tracy Johnson

President, CEO

One of the world's most respected programmers, managers and talent coaches, Tracy has built his career investing in personality radio.


    About Tracy Johnson

    Tracy Johnson simply loves the process of creating art on the air, and his company stands firm in the commitment to great personality radio every day. 


    Johnson has spent invested more than 40 years in understanding and developing programming, personality and promotion strategies for radio brands in hundreds of markets worldwide. 


    Among his achievements were being named Best Programmer in America by Radio Ink magazine, multiple PD of the Year and Station of The Year awards and leading two stations in San Diego from worst to first.


    His book Morning Radio has been described as The Bible of Personality Radio, and has been used by programmers and personalities in more than 40 countries. 


    Simply put: Johnson and his team specializes in developing on-air superstars. 


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