Build Your Station's Audience Persona

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


Build a customized, personalized audience persona to help guide every aspect of  your brand. By truly understand the audience, you can engage them in new and deeper ways.

Learn the step-by-step process to gather and compile data for an audience persona that transcends traditional demographics and broad targets. 


  • An Audience Persona is a MUST For Every Brand

    • The difference between a target audience composite and a target audience.
    • How to gather data for the persona using the O-A-R method.
    • Which demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral data to gather.
  • Building Your Own Persona

    • How to assign real-life characteristics to the persona.
    • Actionable steps that will help everyone on your team understand the audience better.
  • Getting To Know The Persona

    • Actionable steps to relate to the persona and  broaden audience reach.
    • How to apply the persona to your brand every day in every way.
    • Making the audience persona a living, breathing entity!