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I don’t normally use other people's prep as my show is all about the listener, the local area, observational and very natural. Personality Magnet, however, is fresh, relevant, thought starting, and a far cry from the drivel you normally find on most prep services.  It feels very relatable and human.

Simon Rowe, Member

I love it! I really would not change a thing. It helps a lot with my daily show and sparks many ideas. I am so glad I signed up. Thank you!

Jack Reynolds, Member

The show prep and topics are really outstanding. Most of all, I like the situations. We get lots of feedback from our listeners. The situation topics in Personality Magnet drives lots of real listener calls.

Andreas Hinsberger, Member

  An AMAZING value for the money. A super easy way to grab ideas from one of the industry's great minds! 

Rob and Joss, Members

It's great at sparking ideas/content, giving you just enough framework for content that you can then make your own.

Casey Paul, Member

Personality Magnet is filled with great idea starters that make for amazing shows. I love it all, especially the days when we're light on our own content.

Personality Magnet is one-stop shopping for preparing a radio show! Kind of like the Amazon of the industry! 

Steve Kraus, Member

A great prep resource that is so much more than rip and read. It's got depth, and isn't the typical "according to a new survey" prep.

Chris Crowley, Member

I describe Personality Magnet as 'smart show prep.' It isn't just a collection of jokes and stories. It's compelling content along with ideas that can benefit your show and your station as a whole. 

Don Collett, Member

Tracy just gets it. He gets Morning Radio and has his finger on the pulse of great topics and ideas to use for your show.

Eric Rowe, Member

Thank you Tracy! I’m very excited. I just started and already have ideas of how to incorporate it into what I already have planned.  

Bill Fox, Member

Personality Magnet is exactly what I need!  I don't use everything but it certainly helps get the juices flowing on slow brain days. 

Andy Riggs, Member

Seriously, just the ideas in the Christmas section were incredible.  I was stressing with creativity and when I saw the stuff you provided, it was a total relief.  That was a great feeling.

Steven Tingle​, Member

My cohost and I just finished show #3 using many of your tips etc.  I am HOOKED and more motivated than ever.

Cosmo, Member

I think I’ve seen every prep site out there and this blows them away. Great job.

Sandy McIlree, Member

PM has added to my arsenal.  Our show is topic driven so we love any topics we can dive into, especially when they pit the 2 of us against each other. 

Rocky Rhodes, Member

It's how I set the table each week.  I get the email each Thursday, look at things that stand out and then start to build the show. 

Matthew Blades, Member

I describe it as “real life” show prep. You want to connect to your audience? You want your show to be sticky in their ears? BOOM this is it!

Cosmo, Member

The most comprehensive website for information on how to do great radio! The content is stellar! 

Lisa Barry, Member

A constantly updated and archived catalogue of topic starters, advice situations, questions, bits, promotions and other materials to apply to your life, supplement your show prep routine and get your creative gears moving when planning your show.

Tim Murphy, Member

Personality Magnet is a nucleus of ideas, bits and phone starters with built in engagement from the #1 source on radio entertainment.

Jeff Roper, Member

I LOVE it.  There are a lot of great topic ideas that are deeper and have some thought behind them, compared other services that just write stuff for you to say.

Tom Cook, Member

It's full of topics for your show curated by someone who cares if you succeed!

Bob Goff, Member

It's a big picture thought provoker to help you develop deeper connections with your audience. It is not a turnkey rip and read service.

Anonymous, Member

I see Personality Magnet as a way to really connect with listeners on the topics that are important to them without doing cheesy cringworthy bits

Name Withheld, Member

  I have told MANY people why I love this prep more than others, it shows you ways to EXECUTE a bit properly. And, so many newer talent doesn't have anyone coaching them. For shows that have been around, it is super helpful to see an option for executing. And, it is also a good jumping off point for twisting the topic into something more personal for the talent. A prep service like no other out there! 

Greg & Mere In the Morning, Members

Researched and easy to access content on the fly and  a great looking glass to help plan long term as well.  It's perfect for my W 18-34 / 18-49 targeted station.

Riggs, Member

A show prep service that's more than calendars and one liners. Filled with ideas, bit starters, promotions and contests

Jeff Couch, Member

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