More Calls: Listeners As Cast Members

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Listeners can be great contributors for any radio show, but can also be deadly if they're not used properly. Find out how to get more calls, manage them properly and use them  on the air more effectively. You’ll learn how to use the audience as an extra member of your show in a way that brings out the best in your own personality.


  • How to Get More Phone Calls

    • Why listeners don't call like they used to - and how to fix that.
    • A simple tactic that makes the phone ring without sounding like you're begging for calls.
    • How to create content that always invites callers without depending on them.
  • Managing Phone Calls To Find The Good Ones

    • Get more personality from callers by setting them up to be contributors that entertain.
    • The process of screening calls to find the ones that should - and should not - be on air.
    • Quickly identify which callers will be good on the air, and which are dead ends.
  • How to Talk To Callers Off and On the Air

    • Tips on setting up callers to give you the best content to respond to.
    • Ringers: When and how to use them.
    • How to rephrase questions to fill the lines with great callers.