My Solo Show Can Beat Your Team Show

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


Are you on the air by yourself? There are special challenges in getting more personality without a partner to respond to. Most success stories and case studies are all about how multiple cast shows rule. But you don't need partners to build a personality brand. This seminar shows you how a solo show into an advantage. Loaded with examples from radio legends who made their career on the air by themselves, find out how to use your personality on a one-person show.


  • The Solo Personality Strategy

    • How to develop the skills to entertain an audience with color and excitement
    • Master the IZE-ing technique to relate to listeners intimately and personally.
    • How great solo personalities use features to showcase content.
  • Surrounding The Show With Contributors

    • How to mine the audience and community for personality contributions.
    • Creating characters that add to the "cast" without losing attention on you.
    • Resources for turning listeners into co-hosts that bring out character traits
  • Examples of Actionable Techniques

    • How to use every break-no matter how routine-to entertain as a solo artist.
    • Why you may be better off without partners, by mastering the art of connecting.
    • How to tell stories conversationally, even when nobody else is around.