What Causes Tune In

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


The second chapter in the ground-breaking Content Superhero Series, this presentation shows you why listeners tune in and what keeps them glued to the radio…so you can do it more! Backed by years of research from Strategic Research Solutions, this seminar will excite and inspire you to drive more tune in occasions starting tomorrow.


  • Keys To Listener Tune In Occasions

    • Specific reasons listeners tune in...and how to create content that attracts.
    • The 6 things every show can do to attract more tune in.
    • What listeners expect, what keeps them and what makes them come back.
  • Content That Inspires Reaction

    • Tune in is one thing, but what content causes listeners to actively respond? We show you.
    • How to use contests and games to engage listeners, not just contest players.
    • What listeners respond to, but have never told us in any research project-until now.
  • Great News For Radio Personalities

    • What's more important: Great content or great personality? You'll love this!
    • Clear evidence that shows the role humor should play on your radio show.
    • The keys to developing personality that truly attracts listening.