Dealing With Tragedy On The Air

Seminar on Demand


It seems that every month, there’s a new crisis. Natural disasters, terror attacks, school shootings and local events capture the attention of listeners. But when tragedy strikes, how should you respond on air? This seminar helps radio personalities and programmers prepare for unexpected events with examples from great shows who’ve been there when their listeners need them most.


  • How To Prepare For A Tragedy

    • It's impossible to plan ahead, but you can be prepared for the unexpected-follow these tips.
    • The importance of reacting quickly when tragedy strikes.
    • Resources to recruit NOW so you're ready when you need it.
  • Responding Within Your Character Brand

    • How to be "you" in an appropriate response to any tragedy.
    • The process of how to decide what to do...and how to do it.
    • Easy ways to stand out on the air when every station is talking about the same thing.
  • Promotion Or No Promotion?

    • Taking appropriate steps to get attention with promotions that matter to listeners.
    • Why and how to "get in front of a parade" and lead it.

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