Guide To Better Interviews

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Interviews can be a trouble spot in PPM. And in the Diary world, too. Most guests, even famous ones, are not engaging speakers and their agenda is usually less about helping your ratings than using your show to promote their agenda.  But interviews aren’t the problem. Boring interviews are. In this webinar, I’ll share everything you need to know to make guests a tremendous addition to your show.


  • How To Craft Questions That Get Real Responses. Not Canned Answers

    • How using the right phrasing in questions can lead to interesting stories.
    • The types of questions that work-and those that lead to dead ends.
    • The 10 questions you can always rely on to get a great reaction.
  • 3 Interviewing Techniques That Work Every Time

    • Use these three simple techniques to make interview skills soar.
    • So easy and so effective you'll start using them in your personal life, too.
    • Replace personal comments with one of these technique to fix most interview mistakes
  • Examples From "Experts" To Avoid

    • Learn from examples of legendary interviewers of what to avoid in asking questions.
    • Hear how Katie Couric, Barbara Walters and Mike Francesca make mistakes you can avoid.
    • An amazing tip from magicians Penn & Teller that will turbo-charge your interview skills.

I found this webinar very helpful for my whole news team. We've already shared it with our Public Affairs staff and regional news and PA teams across the country. These teams do a lot of interviewing and will get a lot out of it..

Ed Lenane

News Director,

KLOVE/AIR 1 Network

The "Better Interviews" webinar is excellent.  I had a conference room filled with my sports guys, music PD's, news people and morning show hosts. They all were taking notes and locked into your message.  It was a very good session - thank you!

Tom Gjerdrum

Ops Mgr.

Midwest Communications/ Sioux Falls

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