Fill Your Phone Lines

Seminar on Demand $19


Phone calls on the radio can enhance any segment. But consumers aren't calling radio stations nearly as much as they once did. In this seminar, I'll show you how to drive more calls, better calls and excite your audience to provide more content for your show.


  • The Challenge of Getting More Calls

    • Find out who calls radio stations to help you target those most likely to participate.
    • Discover the motivation for callers. Four key reasons listeners will call in.
    • Understand exactly how to stimulate those listeners to take action!
  • Overcoming the Plague of Fewer Calls

    • The 6 main reasons your phones aren't lighting up...and what to do about it.
    • Easy tips and tricks to generate more calls than you could ever use.
    • Using ringers and voice actors the right way to prompt more reaction.
  • Setting The Audience Up to Provide Good Calls

    • Six easy ways to encourage quality calls...not just a lot of callers.
    • The easiest tactic ever created to generate full phone lines for hours. 
    • How to harvest and repurpose callers to jump-start a new topic.

Great stuff!  I am getting questions about now I get so many callers on the show and I credit much of that to the ideas you have shared in this seminar.  Thank You!  

Roger Todd


This webinar was great. Very useful information. I love how you make ideas I know come alive, but you always have some new nuggets in there for me too.


Mike McCoy