What Causes Tune Out

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The fastest way to increase ratings is to keep current listeners longer. They already like you, and have interest in what you offer. So doesn’t it make sense to study what causes the audience to leave, and minimize that damage?


The first chapter in the groundbreaking Content Superhero series, this seminar is based on hundreds of research projects with thousands of listeners (conducted by Strategic Research Solutions). You’ll know exactly what runs listeners off, and when. 


  • What Causes Tune Out

    • The 6 things that cause listeners to tune out. Fix these things and ratings will rise.
    • The high-risk times of each break-that sends listeners to the exits.
    • Is talk really a tune out? Or is it something deeper. Spoiler alert: It's deeper.
  • The Most Important Part of Every Break

    • How much time do listeners give you before they hit the scan button? We have the answer.
    • Clear and convincing evidence that shows when breaks bog down and cause tune out.
    • The two specific things that cause up to 50% of listeners to tune out!
  • Performance Secrets to Greatly Reduce Tune Out

    • Why personalities fail to capture attention...and hold attention...and how you can fix it!
    • The incredibly powerful ratings impact of reducing listener tune out.
    • Listeners tell us what to do - if we listen to them. We show you the facts.