Make Information a Tune-In

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


The world moves fast. Information is here today and gone tomorrow. The cycle turns over quickly. Content has a short shelf life. Information is received and consumed differently than ever before. Yet most radio stations continue to provide information the same way we have for years, if not decades. It's time to change the way radio delivers information. In this seminar, learn how to make information a tune in, not a tune out.


  • Programming to Listener Expectations

    • Why your information segments are no longer relevant-and how to fix them.
    • Where listeners get information and what they expect from radio stations.
    • How to adjust your thought process of programming news and information.
  • Information As Entertainment

    • Journalists will hate this, but you must change to this approach to survive with info!
    • How your writing style should change to appeal to a changing audience.
    • Finding the most relevant and entertaining stories - not the most important ones.
  • Programming Information Segments

    • How to turn each information block into a tease that drives listening to the next one.
    • Why talent should focus more on perspective and less on facts and details.
    • The generally accepted best practices that are running listeners off your station..