Guide To Attention-Getting Stunts

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Stunts are hard to pull off, but radio shouldn’t give up! You just have to work harder, be more creative and do them better. In this seminar, find out how to create, design and execute attention-winning stunts for your radio station or show.


  • Important Ingredients For a Successful Stunt

    • How to create stunts that get attention and have a purpose.
    • The anatomy of creating and executing a successful stunt.
    • Planning a stunt for maximum exposure and media coverage.
  • Choosing and Executing the Right Stunt

    • Who should do stunts, and the type of personalities that should stay away.
    • How to pick the right stunts that fit your character brand.
    • What to do when and if anything goes wrong!
  • Portfolio of Winning Stunts

    • Loaded with examples of great promotional stunts.
    • Ideas and best practices that turned good ideas into legendary events 
    • Six categories of stunt types with examples.