Music Research - Done Right!

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


Music research is part of the foundation of successful stations that play music, but many stations are making critical mistakes in how the research is conducted. Find out how to get more response that produces better data and higher ratings. All for a lower cost. You'll learn how to overhaul the music research system in just 30 days to achieve the best results ever!


  • Typical Music Research Problems and Mistakes

    • The 3 things causing response rates to shrink and kill music research results.
    • Why you may be better with NO research than THIS kind of music data.
    • The #1 think that causes most listeners to stop responding.
    • Why you should get rid of your "music advisory club" immediately.
  • Common Sense, Actionable Tactics To Start Now

    • This one adjustment can increase response rates by 400%!
    • Proven tactics to improve research and grow your audience in 30 days - or less.
    • How to get more (response) by asking for less (commitment).
  • Growing Your Audience With Research

    • How to make the research process fun and interesting-and not a chore.
    • Expand the response pool, and increase your on-air audience.
    • Tips and tricks to turn music research into a form of marketing and promotion.