Prep Like A Pro

Seminar on Demand $19


Make Show Prep Fun Again with this simple show prep system to turn on the creative faucet and launch every show with confidence!


  • The Art & Science of Show Prep

    • Find out how most shows are doing it all wrong-and how to fix it now!

    • Save time in meetings without taking shortcuts in creativity.

    • How & why every show is under-prepared or over-prepared.

  • Turbo-Charge The Creative Process!

    • An effective structure to MSPFA: Make Show Prep Fun Again.
    • The most powerful technique ever to create more stories than you could ever use.
    • Mining topics to produce the most effective entertainment.
  • The Step By Step Process To Plan a Show

    • We'll plan and schedule a full show live in this seminar.
    • How to adapt the concept for any show in any format.
    • Free downloadable templates to use for your show prep.