Secrets Revealed: Contests That Win

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Radio has always been on the cutting edge of contests, but times have changed and methods must be adjusted. Now, the secrets of winning contests are revealed. Find out how winning stations use contests to create dramatic, measurable, ratings success. It’ll change your view of contesting forever.


  • Why Contests Work On The Radio

    •  Learn the type of person that responds to contests, and why.
    • The math facts that prove stations should contest more!
    • What works with ratings respondents...and what is no longer effective.
  • Winning Strategies That Drive Results

    • How to deliver ratings results with less clutter and cost.
    • How winning stations are using contests to drive more reaction and TSL.
    • See the case study how a station increased ratings 26% and cume 15%-with one contest.
  • Playing to The Prize Pigs

    • Why you should love them, and a surprising adjustment to contest policy because of them!.
    • Tactics to engage those high frequency contest players, and keep them on your station.
    • A list of contest tactics to change or add NOW!