Fix Your Station For Generation Now

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


Radio advisors and observers talk about reaching millennials. But in this presentation, you'll find out how to do it on your radio station and radio show. Based on research with over 150 millennial listeners in focus groups and one-on-one interviews, you’ll get all the information and a detailed action plan to put in place at your station immediately.


  • Millennials and Radio: The Truth

    • Good news: Millennials actually like radio.
    • Bad news: They're not that crazy about what's on it.
    • Commercials are a problem, but you'll be shocked at what the real issue is.
  • The Importance of Being Authentic

    • Details on what prevents station brands and radio personalities from resonating.
    • Bold steps to take now to win loyalty-before it's too late.
    • Why promotions and special offers are a key to success - but not the way you do it now.
  • Radio's Action Plan For Reaching Millennials

    • Specific actions to take today that will bring them back to your radio station.
    • An amazing new source of revenue to drive TSL and cut commercial load in half..
    • How to communicate so listeners don't hear you as "my grandpa".