How To Be Funnier On The Radio

Seminar on Demand


Develop the FUNNY FACTOR For A More Successful Show & Career

  • How Being Funny Is The Most Important Characteristic On the Radio

    • Proof that having a funny show is the Holy Grail of Personality Radio.

    • The difference between a fun show and a funny show.

    • Lessons from pros to learn to be funnier.

  • Finding FUNNY In Your Personality

    • The Four Rules of Funny...and how to unleash them on your show.
    • How people who are not naturally funny can have a funny show.
    • A simple trick to be funnier that every show can do.
  • Tips For A Funnier Show...Instantly

    • Not every personality is funny. But everyone can have a funny funnier show.

Personality/PD San Diego

Dave Mason

"This is one of the best webinars you've done.  You have a way of getting your points across clearly-it's one of those palm to the forehead events." 

Program Director

Blair Bartrem

"For years I’ve been doing my best to coach some really talented performers at some pretty good stations, but after watching your webinar today I felt like I jumped from using a roadmap to GPS.  Super focused and easy to follow, and most important, stuff I can share with our team."