Winning Features & How To Use Them

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James Corden has become an international celebrity by turning Carpool Karaoke into a pop culture sensation. His late-night TV talk show continues to grow because of the incredible reach of this one regular feature on his show. Carpool Karaoke is a feature.

And you can use features and benchmarks to improve your personality brand, drive tune-in occasions and establish your show.


  • How to Find Your "Carpool Karaoke"

    • Tips to identify the One Thing that can define your show and personality.
    • A list of the most important features that work for dozens of personalities.
    • How to make features work for your personality as a content container.
  • How Many Features You Need To Win

    • You'll be shocked at the answer, and the research that proves it.
    • Spoiler alert: You're probably doing way too many features now.
    • How to figure out which ones should stay and what must go.
  • Programming and Promoting Key Features

    • When should they play? And how often? How much of a good thing is too much?
    • How to leverage your best features to drive listening to other quarter-hours.