Double Your Ratings

Seminar on Demand


The ratings process is a mystery for some and a gamble for others. In this seminar, you'll learn exactly how the radio ratings system works and discover strategies to actually Double Your Ratings in less than a year.


  • The Rules of The Ratings Game

    • An easy-to-understand explanation of how the ratings process works.
    • Why the ratings system attracts certain types of respondents.
    • How ratings participants are different-and what that means to you.
  • Keys to Winning The Ratings Game

    • Why ratings winners are not always the best stations or shows.
    • The 3 ways to grow an audience, and why 2 of the 3 won't work for you.
    • A simple, sure-fire way you can double your ratings. You will be shocked.!
  • Playing The Ratings Game To Win

    • 5 discoveries that are key to winning the ratings game.
    • A practical approach to programming and performing a show for ratings respondents.
    • Follow these guidelines and never worry about other radio stations again.

The Double Your Ratings workshop is great. It was a fantastic resource that explains how to work the system. I will be using it as I go on with my. show.

Kendall B

Air Personality

Loved it. I've got pages of notes from Double Your Ratings. Now I need to do some thinking about how the principles work with the regional ratings system here in Australia. Thanks, mate!

Scott Van Der Linden

Program Director

The Double your Ratings webinar is great. The whole idea is very actionable and will be very effective. We're already making plans to make this the year of the tease to get that one more occasion.

Tom Gjerdrum

Operations Manager

The webinar was very informative.  My co-host and I already utilized some of what you talked about in our show this morning.

JIm Managhan

Air Personality