Air Check Sessions That Don't Suck

Seminar on Demand


Nearly every personality and every program director dread air check meetings. But you don’t have to! Turn those sessions into creative, productive and exciting times of creative awesomeness. Get details on 17 themes to keep air check sessions interesting and productive. Apply these ideas and personalities will beg for more meetings! Well, not really. But they won't hate them anymore!


  • 17 Meeting Themes

    • Creative approaches to take the monotony out of air check sessions.
    • How to use each theme to address specific problem areas.
    • A new approach to keeping personalities interested in growing through feedback. 
  • Air Check Best Practices

    • How to master the fundamentals of air checking so personalities grow.
    • The biggest and most common mistakes made in meetings-and how to avoid them.
    • How to creatively challenge air talent without being demeaning or confrontational.
  • Unconventional Air Check Techniques

    • Turn meetings into productive, team-building sessions with these unique ideas.
    • The secret sauce that has caused shows to ask me to review more breaks with them!
    • Polishing your approach to make air check sessions collaborative, not one-way.

Thank you so much for the incredible work that you do each and every day. You're always teaching me something new or reminding me what I need to keep in mind. You're a wonderful resource and I so appreciate all that you do. 

Leighton Peck



Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed “Air-checks That Don’t Suck”. Great insight and thoughts. I’ve done many air-checks in my career, both as an on air talent and Program Director and your presentation taught me a bunch of  new tips. Thank you. I’m looking forward to your next presentation! 




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