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Audience Magnet Course


This is the proven, step-by-step training course that teaches you to become a wildly successful radio personality without depending on your PD, station or company.

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    Learn To Be A Wildly Successful Air Personality

    This is the process that has worked for thousands of radio personalities, including Jeff & Jer, The Bert Show, Kidd Kraddick, DeDe In The Morning and more. Now you can have the same training, expertise and coaching to thrive!

    Tracy Johnson’s Online Class Teaches You To Be A Radio Superstar

    One of the world's best radio talent coaches shares his proven system to be a great radio personality, unlock your 488d9efa381451a593c645780fa9cff82537d0a8379fa39d8da5dfa8c360afc442790d1c5184ae30e4f91e6116b9d7c070371527a223546a0c025fde82f7504377IVJMC0YAPbZGvDJUh%2FUF9RRaAta1KN8n25dPWCpWI%3D potential and earn a six figure salary without depending on your PD, station or company. Get the tools, training and inspiration you need to thrive in radio!

    Price: $997. Just $97 now and 3 monthly payments of $300.

    There’s no risk! Money back if you aren’t satisfied in first 30 days!


    Dave "Chachi" Denes

    Tracy’s Audience Magnet course offers powerful strategies and tools for personalities to supercharge their brands, hyper-connect with listeners and advance their careers.This course truly is a groundbreaking program from one of radio’s most dynamic strategists.


    Zack Jackson

    Audience Magnet hones in on every aspect of the building blocks of building a great radio show, and taught me how to use them to grow and thrive. Up and coming radio talent will eat this up, but seasoned radio vets should dive in and find out what it takes to be great.

    Lifetime Membership Includes

    58 Video Lessons

    Course Workbook

    The workbook is packed with assignments, extra materials, bonus content and lesson recaps. It’s the perfect complement to personalize the course.

    Introductory Price: $997. Just $97 now and 3 monthly payments of $300.

    Lifetime Support

    Tracy answers questions and provides ongoing live advice with exclusive community to insure you continue to progress on your Personality Success Path.

    Here's What You Get!

    • Lifetime membership at a low price.

      Get access to the course forever, including all updates.

    • 58 video lessons, plus bonus lessons.

      The step by step path to be a winning personality.

    • Downloads, tools & resources.

      Customize the lessons and build a Personality Success Path.

    • Audio examples from great radio personalities.

      The lessons come alive with the world’s best air personalities

    • Community support.

      Tracy answers your questions in each lesson.

    Price: $997. Just $97 now and 3 monthly payments of $300.

    Morning Radio  Host, The Bert Show

    Bert Weiss

    Tracy has made us a better show. He examines how to improve and helps us understand the ratings benefits of his strategies. He's made us better individually and a better all around team.  

    Host, Morton In The Morning, Z90/San Diego

    Rick Morton

    Tracy is the Steve Jobs of radio. His ability to truly know how a listener experiences radio is unmatched.

    Each lesson is taught by Tracy Johnson on video, with tons of examples from great air talent to show you how they became great radio personalities.

    Legendary Programmer & Air Personality

    Michael Steele

    The Audience Magnet course gives you the secrets on how to take breaks and make a show! This is a clear, actionable plan to get bigger ratings without having to worry about your program director or company.

    Air Personality, Island 106

    Jenn Ryan

    I love the course and the workbook is so helpful.  I’m already applying the lessons with more purpose and direction to build my Personality Success Path. I’m on the way to being a wildly successful radio personality!

    Why Should You Take This Course?

    • Start a career as a radio personality instead of a being stuck in a boring job as an announcer or DJ.

    • Learn to create unique, original content harvested from personal life experiences…that only you can deliver.

    • Master the secret weapon that terrifies management! They’ll be afraid you’ll leave!

    • Discover how to perform with confidence and power and not worry about complaints or criticism.

    • Master the keys to tune-in appointments that build ratings and thousands of passionate, Kool-Aid drinking fan

    • Develop the 5 most important traits every winning personality must have to succeed.

    • Find out how to share your perspective on any topic without being self-absorbed, inside or egotistical.

    • Get the rules and tools to become more than an announcer. You’ll become an indispensable Personality Brand.

    • Learn storytelling principles that will keep your audience begging for more of YOU.

    • Know what to watch out for to avoid the main reason many radio personalities fail.

    • And much more!

    Price: $997. Just $97 now and 3 monthly payments of $300.

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