How To Air Check Radio Personalities

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Air check sessions are one of the most difficult parts of the job for any program director or talent coach. They often become confrontational rather than creative. They're stressful rather than fun. But that can change How would you like to conduct air check meetings that leave personalities begging to review more audio? In this seminar, you'll learn how to coach rather than critique. This seminar including a live air check session with a radio show to show you how it can be done.


  • Air Check Session Meetings

    • How to change the dynamic from correction to coaching.
    • Setting expectations and goals, then helping personalities achieve them.
    • Why most air check sessions fail, and how to avoid common mistakes. 
  • Helping Air Personalities On Their Success Path

    • How to become part of the air talent's success team, not their slave-master.
    • The 5 most critical elements of every air check session.
    • How air talent can truly improve in measurable ways after every session.
  • A Live Air Check Session

    • Listen and watch as we conduct a live air check session with a current radio show.
    • Discover the techniques that you can use immediately to improve air checking.
    • Hear how the personalities view the session, straight from their own experience.

How To Air Check is filled with solid real world information. As a veteran broadcaster that works with many young, future broadcasters, I clearly see and will use the value of air checks.

Terry Trouyet



This seminar is great. Now I know what my program director is expecting during these meetings, which will help me prepare. I hope to utilize air check coaching soon. 

Shonda Malloy