History's Greatest Storyteller

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Jesus loved stories. He told them in the streets, at dinner, with friends on the road, at synagogues and even on hillsides. Jesus may be History‚Äôs Greatest Storyteller. In this seminar, learn the 18 insights and lessons from the life of Jesus that apply to your radio show. The stories he told can make you a more powerful air personality.


  • Telling Relevant Stories

    • How to adapt content at the right time to the right audience.
    • Why the storyteller may be more important than the story itself.
    • Techniques for crafting a relevant story and making it relatable.
  • Stories Are More Powerful Than Statements

    • Learn how to inspire audiences by provoking a strong response in how you tell a story.
    • Designing stories that appeal directly to the listener's life experiences.
    • How choice of words and phrases can make stories more personal.
  • Tactics For Creative And Effective Storytelling

    • The surprising tactics Jesus used that can make you a more powerful communicator.
    • How the art of storytelling has nothing to do with length...it's all about impact.
    • Applying these techniques could be the key that transforms your career.