Build a 5-Star Character Brand

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


Excelling as a radio personality starts with finding your personal character voice. This seminar shows you exactly how to do it. This is the action-packed step by step process of how to build a 5-star personality brand by developing a character brand profile based on your real life personality.


  • How To Build a Personality Brand

    • Find your authentic voice by crafting a character brand based on who you are in real life.
    • How to develop an on-air brand that is sustainable and authentic.
    • The 6 keys to finding a personality voice that really matters, step-by-step.
  • The Process of Finding Your Voice

    • Games, exercises and tools to build your brand and find traits that will help you stand out.
    • How to develop lists of characteristics and turn them into a character synopsis
  • Performing Your Character Brand On The Air

    • Learn how to apply the new character profile to your show every day.
    • How to call attention to the traits and quirks that define your character brand.
    • Tips on creating content through a filter to show off those charming traits.