It's All About The Hook

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The first step in storytelling is the most important. It's the hook! Discover the power of a great opening line, and how a strong hook can add up to five times the engagement for any break on the air. Learn and apply the principles of crafting a strong entry point to launch a break that leads listeners deeper into content…and more TSL! Packed with examples and practical advice you can use starting tomorrow!


  • The Importance of A Powerful Opening Line

    • Why the first 7 seconds of every break is the key to success---or failure.
    • Proof from research that strong hooks are the most critical part of every single break.
    • Examples of hooks that succeed and hooks that fail.
  • What Makes a Strong Hook

    • How hooks appeal to emotions, and the most important emotions to target.
    • Tools to improve your opening lines to get through the high-risk part of each break.
    • 7 keys to an effective hook.
  • Practical Tips To Make Great Hooks

    • 8 tips to make you a better hooker!
    • How to apply examples from other forms of entertainment to improve your hooks.
    • The fool-proof method of generating better hooks as part of daily show prep.