The Art of the Tease

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The easiest way to improve your ratings is to cause current listeners to tune in more. That's in your control. Make all of the content on the air more important with effective teases. Teasing your best content is a critical step in the process of building and branding great moments on the air. In this seminar, get details on the techniques and tips to craft exciting teases that will deliver ratings success.


  • The Ratings Bump

    • How and why teasing is the fastest way to increase TSL. 

    • Do it right and it works every time!

    • A case study of a morning show that rose from #6 to #1 by teasing!

  • Keys to the Tease

    • Learn the elements of what makes teases work-or fail.

    • 5 ways to time the tease for maximum impact.

    • How to plan, prepare and develop a winning tease.

  • Gallery of Teases

    • 8 little-known tips that can make you a tease-master.

    • Techniques and tips to turbo-charge teases.

    • How to triple the chances of more TSL with one tip.

  • Actionable Tips To Start Using Now

Thank you for the teasing seminar. I have already applied some of what I picked up in this morning's show. The "gamified" tease is brilliant. I love it. 


Air Personality

The Tease seminar is fantastic! I shared it with my PD and a few jocks. This is exactly what our talent needs to learn so that we can give people a reason to stick around and come back for more. Thank you!


Music Director

I'm only half-way through the seminar and it's awesome! Great suggestions and real-life examples of what to do (and not to do!).  Really appreciate the effort that went into this!  As a Morning Show host for 19 years in a medium market (East Bay Area of Northern California), the tips and strategies are great.



Air Personality

I found your webinar to be insightful. I liked hearing the good and bad teasing examples. I have some announcers who grew up in the diary world and have made a lackadaisical attempt to understand and execute PPM strategies for success.  I am working with two jocks now using specific teachings from your webinar.  



Program Director

Tracy, I LOVED the teasing seminar. Our show is already using the tools and learning how to perfect the art of teasing.  Thanks again for sharing some amazing information.


Air Personality

I just had to share a moment of excitement.  The teases you inspired helped me think out bits more completely than ever before.  A new layer of cohesiveness lies ahead for my content.   


Air Personality