Cast Your Radio Show

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Broadcasters often hire what they think is the best talent available, put them on the air together and then wonder why the magic doesn't happen. It's not enough to just hire personalities. Radio shows must be cast, the way a movie or television show is constructed. In this seminar, I'll show you how to build a dynamic cast of personalities that create amazing radio in 3D!


  • Making Sure the Show Fits Together

    • Chemistry is important...but I'll show you why you should never hire talent that gets along TOO well.
    • The three distinct personality types you must have for a diverse show.
    • Why casting character types is far more important than looking for a demographic fit.
  • Creating a For The Show Mentality

    • How to build a show that works together and understands their individual role.
    • Why internal problems arise...and how to fix them when they do.
    • Key character traits to look for in the interview process.
  • Creating Radio in 3D

    • The three types of personalities that bring more character out in one another.
    • How the spirit of improv is a key value for every well-rounded team show.
    • Maintaining a team-first attitude, without losing individual identities.

Cast Your Radio Show was really great. I enjoyed it and got some really useful bits out of it...In fact, I had a real "decision" moment when you started talking about the ‘dork’ in the 3D discussion!

Paul Gerrard

Programme Controller

Bauer Media, UK

I loved the seminar. Tracy is able to break down complicated ideas into simple steps that even dummies like me can understand. I really liked the part about the Dick - Dear and Dork. 

Jonathan Wier

Talk Show Host, KMBZ/Kansas City

I found your webinar very helpful. I have a pretty new morning show and I think there is room to build more on their characters. This really helps me define those characters and I better understand how to direct them.

Nikki Montgomery

Program Directory Rock 94.7/Central Wisconsin 

This webinar really helped lay a foundation for me!  I've struggled in the past trying to figure out my place on the air, but the way Tracy broke down radio show roles, AND character roles, has given me such confidence and understanding..  I can’t thank you enough!

Krystina Ramey


Roula & Ryan Show