Promos That Rock!

Seminar on Demand

I’ll show you how to image your station to craft a unique audio identity that builds your brand, positions your station and delivers more listening occasions.



  • Creating a Great Radio Promo Strategy

    • The 3 things every promo must do.
    • Why you need a lot more promos than you thought.
    • Why your promos are being ignored by listeners-and how to fix that.
  • What Makes Great Promos

    • Finding the creative essence of a promo, and getting it on the air.
    • Writing tips to make promos pop and the audience take action.
    • The key to creative promos that truly set appointments..
  • The 2 Week Promo Challenge

    • Change the results you're getting with promos in two weeks!
    • Take the challenges to turbo-charge response and interaction.

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