Powerful Language For Strong Performance

Seminar on Demand


How to communicate more effectively, provoke greater response and inspire audiences with simple adjustments to speech patterns.


  • Change Your Words...Change Your Impact

    • How choice of words causes listeners to care...or not.
    • The 12 most dangerous words in the English language.
    • Cure this language disease to unlock relatable stories.
  • How To Eliminate Communication Killers

    • This one adjustment changes everything!
    • Why listeners aren't responding to stories-and how to fix it.
    • How to turn internal chatter to inclusive conversation.
  • 5 Steps to Improving Language Skills

    • How to fix self-absorbed and inside references.
    • Easy air check techniques that actually work!
    • How to turn weak comments into strong, provocative statements.

I love the seminar. I would love to be proud of every second of every break in the show and improving my Powerful Language is one way I can improve. Please keep the great stuff coming. 

Dave Mason


The Powerful Language webinar was helpful. I like that you addressed how in everyday conversation, "I feel..." "I think..." is polite and expected. But on air it sound self-centered.

Grabbing listener attention by throwing something out there in a strong statement is another useful tool I'll be applying to my shows.

Megan Gibson


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