Get That Gig

How radio personalities can win that job they want and deserve.

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Radio is a tough business. It's really hard out there. To find and win the gig you really want requires new skills. 


Whether you're on the beach or looking for that next challenge, I'll show you how to promote and market yourself to Get That Gig you have always wanted.


  • Essential Do's and Don'ts For Your Application

    • How to create the ideal air check demo.
    • What should be on the resume'-and what should be left out.
    • How to stand out, but not be annoying
  • What Are Managers Looking For Today?

    • Why managers and PD's say they just can't find talent.
    • Your best moves to find the next gig...starting now.
    • How to get stations and PD's to start talking about you.
    • Why looking for a gig the traditional way just won't work.
  • How To Get Noticed Without Being Desperate

      • The straight scoop on how to get a great gig on the air-in any market.
      • How and where to start networking to get into position to succeed.
      • Just starting out? Why you do not have to start in the smaller markets anymore.

    Such a wonderful webinar!  I found it very useful with very actionable steps to improve my search!  THANK YOU!!!

    Dan Gaffney

    Talk Radio Host


    The “Get That Gig” webinar is filled with nuggets. I wrote a couple pages of notes that will definitely help me.This is exceptional and I appreciated it mucho! 

    Mike McCoy

    Program Director

    I loved the Get That Gig seminar.  It was super informative and easy to follow.  After being on the beach for 2 years, I needed to hear "Don't settle for a gig that you don't want".  I turned a gig in back in April because it just wasn't the right fit.  Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake, but I know I didn't.  You confirmed it.  

    Deanna Cruz

    Air Personality

    Get That Gig was eye opening. I thought because I was the night jock at Z100, and a morning show host in Sacramento and Phoenix, that I would get hired off of that. I was lazy in my approach to sending the right materials to to programmers for jobs. Now I have new fresh ideas of how I'm going to change it up. 

    Adam Cox (Lukas On Air)

    Air Personality

    I LOVED the Get That Gig seminar! And especially loved that you showed the resume example. 

    Jenn Ryan

    Air Personality

    Get That Gig was very complete. Usually, talent offers too much information.  Too many links.  Demos too long.  Bad photography and too many emails. 

    Steve Gallagher

    Talent Manager