Ultimate Show Makeover

Seminar on Demand. Just $19


  • Zero Based Programming Strategy

    • Learn this process and your show will never be stale or boring.
    • How to analyze your radio show objectively to make strategic decisions.
    • Re-invigorate your show by redesigning every detail of the show.
  • How To Innovate, Yet Stay Consistent

    • Apply the same techniques Disney uses to keep their theme parks fresh.
    • How to decide which features should stay-and which are ready to go.
  • Use It On Every Radio Show

    • Use It to Launch a brand new show.
    • Repair a broken show.
    • Revive a tired show.


Every radio show should undergo a makeover once or twice a year. That’s how you stay fresh and relevant. This is my proven technique of using zero-based programming to keep your show fresh and exciting. Find out how to turn your show into a powerhouse with this fun, show-changing project.