Avoiding Tune Out

Seminar on Demand


Here's a common sense programming concept: Find ways to prevent listeners from tuning out , and ratings will increase. Of course! It's logical, right? But other than the obvious (commercials, songs I don't like), it's not easy to know why radio audiences actually tune away. Until now. In this seminar, I share detailed, research-based findings that reveal exactly what causes tune out. And more importantly, how you can use the information to improve ratings performance.


  • 6 Main Causes of Listener Tune Out

    • Specific details that show exactly why listeners leave your station.
    • Learn why listeners seem to reject talk on the air...and why that's a myth. 
    • he information that will scare-and inspire-your programming and performance.
  • The Greatest Risk of Tune Out-And What To Do About It

    • Your biggest strength may be the #1 cause of tune out. Let's fix that.
    • How to simplify, clarify and purify your station to reduce tune out.
    • Surprising and effective steps to take to shore up your station.
  • Actionable Data to Power Performance

      • Find out when tune out happens, and why. Then adjust to fix problems.
      • Simple, yet challenging: The listener attention puzzle.
      • Commercials are an enemy of TSL, but you can overcome it!